Online Event Planning Tools

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There is a plethora of online planning tools out there – but why not use those created for and maintained by a professional event planner? Your event planner will be there the day of to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly. Just like tastes in food and clothes, each client is unique in their own and we are able to customize planning tools to fit your needs and timeline. This means that you’ll stay on top of your to-do list – but also keep communication in check, to ensure the utmost organization. With our planning tools you are able to keep everyone in your planning team up-to-date on all the details of your event.


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Our distinctive checklists are proficient from many years of planning experience and are completely personalized for you. You are able to assign each item to every member of your planning team and comment with updates or questions, to keep the communication lines open and connected.


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Don’t miss an appointment! The Calendar feature is designed to fit your event timeline. Payment reminders are automatically added with each vendor and appointments are easily added to keep track of your event schedule. Individual tasks can be added to your calendar for specific dates – and reminders will be sent to everyone on your planning team.


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The Style Guide Studio provides an intelligent way to share inspiration, sketches, floor plan layouts and favorite images with all your planning team members. A palette scheme can be created for the overall event, but also individually for groomsmen and bridesmaids, centerpieces plus more! This means that your Pinterest boards can be incorporated into a space where they can be easily accessed by everyone on your planning team.


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The online Guest List Management tool allows you to keep track of each invitation, all guests included, children, anonymous guests, RSVPs, meal choices, food allergies, special meals, gifts, thank you notes – practically anything you can think of to ensure you are providing the absolute best experience for your guests. This tool fully integrates with our Seating tool. Let’s not forget to add in the vendors as well as the bride and groom!


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Creating perfect seating assignments just got a whole lot easier. The Seating Management tool allows you to group guests who have RSVP’d at each table and to make sure no guests are left unattended.  This allows you to customize tables to your unique table names leaving you with an organized escort table on the day of your event. Using the groups feature, you can highlight relationships and relatives, reassuring you that you have a fabulous ambiance at every table.



The Vendor Management tool helps to keep track of all your booked and pending vendors. You can easily upload files, their contact information as well as enter in invoices and payment breakdowns that automatically adds to your budget and calendar for easy reminders.


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An integral part of your event requires staying on track with your budget. This budgeting tool makes sure you don’t let a single payment slip through the cracks or put you over budget. Categorically set goals at the beginning of the planning process, track and record the adjustments as you design, book and purchase your event services as well as accessories.


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After our initial consultation and every meeting thereafter notes can be uploaded and stored seamlessly in our Notes section.  The Notes area holds many of our templates to ensure we are able to act as your best proponent on your wedding day – from Music & Photography Checklists to a Packing Inventory, you are covered!